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If you are a firm that offers support or you have a webshop, then it would be nice to have a good live-chat has a real good app for that. It is totally free and of course you can buy some extra features - but this is not neccessary.

The free basic offers the possibility for you to have your own little logo.
With the app, your customers can mail ( if you are not online ) and if online, you can chat and you can even upload things like screenshots while you are chatting.

Users can mail the chat if wanted.

You have a dashboard and when online you can answer a chat. You can have the dashboard on your desktop, your tablet or your mobile. This way your customers can get in contact with you 24/7 - if you want that.

You see the app in the lower right corner.

The code needed to put the app on your page, is delivered from

The code should be put in the settings for the page in the Expert-tab and After opening the HEAD tag.

You can see an example here. Code delivered from

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who_is_logged(); echo $user['realname']; ?>
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