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Here is described some databases that could be relevant in relation to the X5.

It is simple to set up and use. Some key-features :
You can select which columns that should be viewed by doing the opposit - in the object you can specify whict columns should not be viewed ( could be key-fields )
Columns can be sorted.
There is a quick filtering option.
Data can be exported to a CSV.
Records can be created and/or edited. ( if the object is set up for editing it could be on a restricted page )
Operates on MySQL database

easy to set up and use.

You cannot set the object up with  pre-defined values for sorting or filtering.
The view when editing records is not useable for fields longer than 20 characters.
There is no way to select records only for a user.
You have to pay credits for it

2 - ADMIDIO system

The ADMIDIO system is a Membership Management system. It is a rather big system, with much functionality. It is a secure system, where you are able to set credentials for groups. A user is member of a group. It is possible to set rights for groups regarding uploading files and also for downloading files. The system has a built in photo library, and a chat-function. Users can send internal and external mails to each other. New users can self-registrate and it can be set up if the admin has to accept. There is a rather advanced function where users can participate events.


Many functions for user administration.
Dates/events can be participated.
Settings for users regarding file uploads and download.
Photo gallery
News board
Good support forum
It is free


A rather heavy system to install, if you only need a little part of it.

3 - LUXCAL System

The LuxCal is basically a calendar. But it is also a system where you can create events and use the events as a news-board you can view on your site. It is perfect for sports clubs where matches can be events. Teammembers can be attached to an event via a member-list. Mails and/or SMS can be sent for an event to all members on the list. Mailings and SMS can be scheduled. Events can be shown in "normal" calendar views ( day, week, month, year ) but can also be viewed in a display that is totally designed for mobiles and also for an iframe view. On a mobile the link to the display can be saved, and then without the need to install an app, you have the calendar in your pocket and can view it anywhere.
You can upload images, PDF, Videos to an event, and then you can mail the event and via the links in the event, the receiver can see the image, PDF or video.
You can upload thumbnails and use the thumbnails in the events. You can even upload the thumbnails in big size if you will allow this in the settings.

You can use categories for an event, and a category can even have up to four sub-categories. For each category it can be specified which users have rights to view events with this category, and also which users are allowed to use the category. For a category can also be set if there should be allowed overlap. This way the system is also a booking system. You could have it for a tennis club. Then you have a category for each lane, and you specify that there should be no overlap. This way you have a booking system for the lanes. You can specify if a booked time should have a fixed length or if the user should be able to specify the duration. You can also for a category specify is there should be a fixed "hole" between bookings. This could be used both when booking lanes and when booking cars - the time between the bookings is to have time to prepare for the next use.

Users is attached to groups, and many settings can be set for a group.

You can see a list of some of the functions here : Calendarforum / functions   ( to the right is a demo  display that is fixed on the page )
The calendar can use MySQL or SQLite databse. The SQLite version ( the L-version ) is the easiest to install and to handle. The SQLite database is embedded in the calendar. Example of display in iframe : Calendar in iframe


Easy to set up and use
Much functionality
Can be used for bookings
Can send mails and SMS
Can be used for file uploads and viewing/downloading.
User settings via groups for user access and credentials
Possibility for self registering
ical file import and export
Recurring events with many possibile settings


In the present version, participation on events is only possible via the eventowner - I am informed that they are working on a participation where users can be set up to participate an event and make remarks, invite extra guest and be on a waiting list.

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